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Private company “SATO“ Kraljevo – production company in the area of machine industry, trade and services, was founded in 1983 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company was transferred to Serbia in 2000, where it continued with the successful work from previous period.

 Structure of employees, our own production capacity, high-quality automatic CNC machines for processing all types of metal with very close tolerances, modern tools and equipment, enable continuous improvement of products and production of other custom made products as per customer request that are not represented in the catalog of our products.

Our own transport and necessary equipment gives the ability to provide transportation and installation directly to the customer.

The complete production process from the idea to the finished product and its placement on the market takes place in the production facilities of the company `` SATO“ in Kraljevo, with its own funds, with modern equipment and with the application of the most modern technical and technological solutions in the machine industry.
Our production program is based on the manufacture of metal machine parts with very strict tolerances, the manufacture of assemblies and complete devices.

In addition to our own products, we also make products at the customer’s request with the appropriate technical documentation, which are not given in the catalog of our products.

All our products, machine parts, assemblies and complete devices meet the strict criteria and standards of ISO 9001.

focus on business goals and customer expectations

Achieving and maintaining a stable level of quality of products and services in order to meet the demands and needs of our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What dimensions can be processed?

The maximum diameter of the workpiece on cnc lathes is Ø600 mm, maximum turning length 1200 mm. As for milling parts we are able to …

Do you perform delivery of parts to the customer’s address?

We provide direct delivery to the customer anywhere in Europe.

What kinds of metals can be processed?

We are able to provide and process all kinds of metal, which naturally enclose attest.

Are you able to provide surface protection?

We are able to deliver parts with the protected surface.